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Dr Dayo Olukoshi OBE

Code of Conduct

The behaviour and safety of our students is of paramount importance to the staff and Governors of Brampton Manor Academy. In order to ensure the effective running of the Academy and to deliver high standards of progress and attainment it is vital that all students feel secure and happy coming to school; that they are free from bullying and intimidation; and that learning is not hindered by poor behaviour.

In order to achieve and maintain this, it is necessary to have clear rules, expectations and procedures and to ensure that all students have written copies of these and receive frequent reminders about the required standards. All of our rules are detailed in the Academy diary which each student receives at the start of the year and are explained and re-enforced in lessons, registration sessions and assemblies.

We also require parent/carer support for our policy and rules and this is confirmed by them signing the Home/Academy Agreement in their child’s diary and attached to the Behaviour Policy (Annex A). Positive behaviour is encouraged through our rewards system and through use of praise. Equally, all instances of poor behaviour are recorded on students’ behaviour records and are dealt with using sanctions as appropriate.

It is our strong belief that poor behaviour should never be tolerated, and that our effective response to minor misdemeanours ensures high standards overall and reduces the likelihood of more serious incidents. There are four main rules which we expect all students to observe and memorise:

• Follow all instructions given by staff first time.

• Keep hands, feet, objects and inappropriate comments to yourself.

• Do all class work and homework, allow others to do theirs, and meet all deadlines.

• Be on time for class, be properly dressed and always have the right work and equipment with  you.

These overarching rules are defined more precisely below.


Our rules apply to all students not only when they are on the premises but also on their way to and from school. When our students are outside school they are ambassadors for Brampton Manor. Therefore, we will take action against any student who behaves in a way that brings the Academy into disrepute, irrespective of where and when such misbehaviour occurs.

1. Students must be lined up in the designated area in the playground at 8:10am every morning.

2. Students must wear full school uniform not only in school but on their journey to and from school each day.

3. No jewellery is permitted except a wristwatch and one plain small stud worn in each ear. No other visible body piercing is allowed. Necklaces and bracelets must not be worn.

4. False eyelashes and false nails are not permitted. Nail varnish must also not be worn. Excessively long natural nails are also not permitted for health and safety reasons.

5. Excessive makeup is not permitted and staff have the right to ask students to remove any make up that they consider to be excessive.

6. Students are not allowed to come into the Academy with dyed hair/unnatural hair colours or outlandish hair styles that cause a distraction to others.

7. Students are advised not to bring any personal electronic items such as mobile phones and MP3 players into school. Whilst some may have reason to do so their use is forbidden on the school site and equipment must remain switched off. Any such items which are seen or heard by staff will be confiscated.

8. Chewing gum is not permitted anywhere on the Academy site.

9. All students must carry a school bag large enough to carry A4 folders and books and must bring the correct equipment, kit and books for all lessons.

10. All students must carry their school diary at all times and must use it to enter all homework and coursework assignments. Diaries must be signed weekly by parents to indicate that they are aware of homework being set and completed.

11. Students are required to complete all class work and homework and must do so in a manner that does not disrupt the learning of others.

12. Students should not leave the class during lessons without written permission from a member of staff in their student diary or on a green authorisation slip.

13. Students must not leave the Academy site during the day without written permission from a senior member of staff and without signing out at the Academy office.

14. Students should move around the Academy quietly, and purposefully, showing courtesy to others. Students should keep to the left on corridors and stairways for the purposes of health and safety.  

15. When queuing for lessons, assembly, lunch or any other reason students must do so in an orderly manner and must show respect and courtesy to all catering and other staff members.

16. Students are not permitted to go home during long break for lunch.

17. No food or drink is to be consumed anywhere other than in the cafes, the quads and designated areas of the playgrounds. Students are not allowed to take hot or open food and drink out of the cafes.

18. Students should respect their school site and facilities at all times. It is not permissible to drop litter anywhere on the site; nor to graffiti or otherwise damage Academy property.

19. Active games should only be played in the designated areas of the playgrounds.

20. Students are expected to go home promptly from the Academy each day and must have left the vicinity of the Academy and local shops by 3.00 pm unless involved in organised, after-school activity. Students must not loiter on street corners or drop litter on the streets.

The further rules below should hardly need to be stated since they refer to behaviour that would be unacceptable in any school at any time. However, for clarity, it is important to list them.

21. Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the Academy site. Students must not smoke on their way to and from the Academy or at any other time while in Academy uniform or on journeys/outings.

22. Students must not consume, be in possession of, or be under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances whilst on the Academy site, on the way to or from the Academy or on Academy journeys/outings.

23. Swearing, rudeness, using foul language or verbally abusing students or staff is totally unacceptable. Fighting or ‘play-fighting’ is not allowed under any circumstances.

24. Rudeness and/or aggressive behaviour towards staff is unacceptable.

25. It is an offence under the law to set off a fire alarm falsely. To do so endangers all Academy staff and students and could lead to injury or death.

26. Under no circumstances are students to invite any member of the public into the Academy without first obtaining the permission of a senior member of staff and reporting to the Academy office.

27. Students must not indulge in any behaviour of a sexual nature. This includes all forms of contact and communication. It is expressly forbidden for any student to bring any materials with sexual content onto the Academy site, including having inappropriate content on phones or other electronic devices. Equally it is forbidden to access any such materials from school via the internet.

28. Prohibited activities also include gang membership and association with gang members.

In addition to the rules above it is important to list the serious behaviour categories that will generally lead to PERMANENT EXCLUSION, even for a first or one-off offence. They are:

• Carrying an offensive weapon, including any type of knife

• Handling, using or supplying drugs, solvents or alcohol

• Aggression / assault, intimidation or threatening behaviour towards staff

• Serious actual or threatened violence against another student

• Sexual abuse or assault

In addition to the ‘one-off’ offences, Government advice indicates a further category which can lead to permanent exclusion which is:

• Persistent defiant misbehaviour

Pupils who are found to make malicious allegations accusations against school staff can expect a strong disciplinary action against them, which could be a permanent exclusion.