Brampton Manor Academy

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16-19 Bursary

A Level studies require significant focus and commitment, which is why at Brampton we ensure we provide you with the financial support you need to enable you to complete your studies without distractions:

  • Free School Meals are provided to eligible students. You can check your eligibility and apply for Free School Meals here:
  • Looked after children are eligible to receive a bursary of up to £400 a term, dependent upon need. They should speak to their Head of Year about this.
  • All students will be provided with their own, permanent, copies of all textbooks and materials required to complete the A Level courses free of charge.
  • All university preparation programmes, including specialist admissions test preparation and resources, are provided free of charge for all students.
  • Discretionary hardship bursaries are available to students to support them with school-related costs if they are experiencing financial difficulty. The application form is available here.