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Executive Principal
Dr Dayo Olukoshi OBE

Art: Textiles

Examination Board: AQA

What is the aim of the course?

Textiles follows a similar structure to the other art courses with more of a specific focus on exploring a range of textiles processes. The course will introduce you to new media, techniques and processes, including both traditional and new technologies. Year 10 focuses on following guided workshops to meet specific briefs. This is followed by 2 brief led projects The Body and Natural

Forms. In the second year students work independently on projects experimenting and refining skills learnt at the beginning of the course.

In order to succeed in Textiles you need to be innovative and have the ability to experiment with various Textiles and surface Design.

What will you study in this subject?

  • be able to draw from first hand and secondary sources showing skill. 
  • be able to research and document your own experiences.
  • be creative and imaginative when exploring different textiles processes, showing an ability to reflect on your outcomes and improve work where necessary.
  • be able to explore and experiment in a range of media including Printing / Dyeing, Embroidery, Appliqué and 3 Dimensional Soft Sculpture. 
  • be able to visually and in written form explain the connections that you can see between your work and the work of established artists/designers. 
  • how to produce a final piece of work for each project that answers a given brief showing where you started and how you arrived at your final piece.

How is your work assessed?

  • Coursework is worth 60% of your final grade and starts from the beginning of the course in Year 10, right through until you take your exam in Year 11.
  • You will be expected to complete a minimum of two coursework projects.
  • You will be expected to complete at least two coursework projects. The exam unit is worth 40% of your final grade.
  • Students will also have opportunities to visit museums and galleries and work with practicing artists on special projects in order to support their school studies.

What qualification will I get?

  • GCSE Art and Design—Textiles


For additional information, please contact: Mr P. Scott