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Dr Dayo Olukoshi OBE

DT: Resistant Materials

Examination Board: AQA

What is the aim of the course?

GCSE specifications in design and technology enable candidates to:

  • actively engage in the processes of design and technology to develop as effective and independent learners 
  • make decisions, consider sustainability and combine skills with knowledge and understanding in order to design and make quality products
  • explore ways in which aesthetic, technical, economic, environmental, ethical and social dimensions interact to shape designing and making 
  • analyse existing products and produce practical solutions to needs, wants and opportunities, recognising their impact on quality of life 
  • develop decision-making skills through individual and collaborative working 
  • understand that designing and making reflect and influence cultures and societies, and that products have an impact on lifestyle 
  • develop skills of creativity and critical analysis through making links between the principles of good design, existing solutions and technological knowledge.

What will you study in this subject?

The course is divided into two units.

Unit 1: Written Paper - it is assessed by a 2 hour examination and accounts for 40% of the grade.

Unit 2: Design and Making Practice - this unit is assessed internally under controlled conditions.  Candidates should undertake a single design and make activity which is selected from a range of board set tasks.  The tasks will be reviewed every two years.

Candidates should submit a 3-dimensional outcome and a concise design folder and/or appropriate ICT evidence.

The design folder should consist of approximately 20 pages of A3 paper or equivalent A4 paper or the ICT equivalent. It is expected that candidates should spend approximately 45 hours on this activity.

All candidates should provide photographic evidence of the finished outcome and it is strongly recommended that photographic evidence at various stages of making is submitted.

This unit accounts for 60% of the grade.

What qualification will I get?

  • GCSE Resistant Materials


For additional information, please contact:  Ms F. Price