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Careers in the Curriculum

Brampton Manor Academy is committed to developing the life chances of all students and aims to encourage and inspire pupils through a comprehensive programme of CEIAG.  Employability is not just an add-on but a golden thread, weaved throughout the school's leadership and governance, curriculum and careers events.

The school has a careers co-ordinator running a wide variety of events as part of our careers programme for all year groups.  As well as discussions and activities forming part of the curriculum and posters in individual departments, there is also help and advice via our independent careers advisor rom 15billion, access to online careers package (Kudos), careers assemblies, registration activities and lots more.

At KS3 (Year 7, 8 and 9)

Students participate in a range of activities which includes learning about themselves; their personality, strengths and qualities.  They will begin to explore different career options in the modern world and gain an awareness of how they begin to research and plan various career paths.  Year 9 pupils will focus on KS4 options and making appropriate subject choices for their chosen career pathway.  All year groups will meet with employers and other outside agencies to gain independent and impartial advice about the options which are best suited to them as individuals.

At KS4 (Year 10 and 11)

Year 10 students are given the opportunity to undertake work experience, as well as taking part in a careers event (Boss Day) which will develop their employability skills.  Year 11's are offered an individual and / or group session with the independent Careers Advisor and will also focus on their post-16 options, while learning how to make effective transition from KS4.  They also have the opportunity to attend the Careers Fair at Excel Arena where there are potential employers from different sectors as well as college and apprenticeship providers.  Both year groups will have a range of events and opportunities to gain independent and impartial advice about options which is best suited to them as individuals.

At KS5 (Year 12 and 13)

Both years will have access to a number of employer led careers events such as Careers Fair in the Excel Arena.  Also important to KS5 is the opportunity to the following:-

  • Access Aspiration - employability training and mock-interviews (Year 12)
  • Work experience - high quality placements (Year 12 and 13)
  • Clifford Chance - careers and application advice at an international law firm (Year 12)
  • Ernst & Young / KPMG / Bank of England school leavers programme (Year 13)
  • Newham General - link with a Senior Consultant offering clinical work experience, bespoke training and preparation for all our students interested in pursuing medics, veterinary or dental routes
  • Future Tech Girl's Programme - a range of high quality tech placements (Year 12)
  • LSE - STEM subject awareness
  • UCAS support - impartial, relevant and up to date information, advice and guidance for students regarding job opportunities, apprenticeships and training (Year 12); as well as assistance with helping students with their personal statement for their UCAS application. 
  • Oxbridge or Medical Applicants - will receive specific preparation to successfully access these routes