Brampton Manor Academy

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Clubs and Activities

Breakfast Club

There is a breakfast club from 7.30am to 8.00am in the West Cafe.  Students can get breakfast before the school day starts. 

Free School Meal students get a free breakfast in addition to their main meal.



After School Activities

The Academy has a whole range of after-school activities for our students including:-

  • Subject area clubs (Maths, English, Science, Geography, ICT, Art, Drama, Languages, Dance, Music, SEN etc.)
  • History Society
  • PE (Football, Basketball, Climbing, Trampolining, Girls Fitness, Fitness, Badminton, Netball, Rugby and Rowing)
  • Music (Steel Pans, Choir, Band Club, Instrumental lessons, Live Lounge, School Musical.)
  • Religious Studies (Christian Union and Young Philosophers)
  • Technology (Food Club and Takeaway Tasks)
  • Pastoral (Games Club and Girls only activities in the playground on Weds and Thurs)
  • Science (Stem Club)
  • MFL Newspaper Club
  • Debating Club (Sixth Form)

Extracurricular timetable (all years) : September - December 2023






The Graham Glass Library


Students can access the Library before school (from 7.30am), during short-breaks, lunch break and after school (2.35pm to 5pm). 

Our library is fully stocked with books, PC's and photocopiers.