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KEY STAGE 4 Curriculum


The curriculum we offer at key stage 4 is broad and balanced and provides a useful platform to enable our students to progress to further academic studies at A level or to follow a vocational, work-related pathway.

The journey towards becoming a successful life-long learner starts at an earlier age, but key stage 4 is extremely pivotal in determining the options/pathways available to students later in life. Many of the highly competitive universities and employers look at achievement at GCSE in determining which applicants to take on. As a result, the subjects we offer our students equip them with life-long skills of literacy, numeracy and independence.

Understanding the Curriculum

 At KS4, the following subjects are compulsory:

  • Mathematics
  • English Language and English Literature
  • Science: separate (Biology, Chemistry & Physics) or combined
  • Computer Science/Information Technology - Creative iMedia
  • Religious Studies
  • Citizenship and PHSE
  • Physical Education

We have different pathways for our students depending on their interests, academic ability and future career plans. Our most able learners must follow the English Baccalaureate pathway. This means that in addition to  the above subjects, they also study a language (French, German or Spanish), History and/or Geography and Separate Sciences (Biology, Physics and Chemistry). Other students are able to follow this pathway if they wish to, but we will provide personalised support and guidance to each student to enable them to make the right choice. 

We offer a wide range of other subjects that students can choose from. Most students are able to choose three additional subjects from the table below.

KS4 Subjects - with exam boards in brackets

English (AQA) Mathematics (Edexcel) Science (AQA)
Art - Fine Art (AQA) Art - Textiles (AQA) Art - Photography (AQA)
Business Studies (Edexcel) Drama (Edexcel) Art - 3D Design (AQA)
Design and Technology (AQA) Economics (OCR) French (AQA)
Geography (AQA) German (AQA) History (AQA)
Computer Science (AQA) Music (Edexcel) Physical Education (AQA)
Psychology (AQA) Religious Studies (AQA) Sociology (AQA) 
Spanish (AQA)  Hospitality (WJEC) Enterprise & Marketing (OCR)
IT - Creative iMedia (OCR) Art - Graphics (AQA)


Other useful websites and links

General—Support for Teenagers

General—Parent Support

Confidential helpline for parents on 0808 800 2222

  • Htttp:// offers advice on a whole range of issues that might worry your son/daughter

Exam Board Websites

  • AQA:
  • OCR: