Brampton Manor Academy

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Marion Faust, MBE 

As Governor and later Chair of Governors at Brampton Manor School (and now Chair of the Board of Directors of Brampton Manor Trust), Marion’s total and unwavering commitment to the school spans almost three decades! Her children attended the school and since then, Marion has given of her time very generously and has been a strong advocate for the young people. She believes firmly that all children can achieve regardless of their socio-economic background. As a result, she has presided over our rapid and sustained improvement, making us the best school in Newham and one of the highest performing schools in the country. Marion has been at the forefront of championing and helping to foster links between business and education in Newham for over two decades. She is an ardent believer in the role that businesses can play in the wider curriculum and in helping young people to gain worthwhile life and employability skills. In this regard, she has helped to recruit leaders of successful businesses to join the governing bodies of local skills, provide work experience/placements for young people and to ensure that the in the rapidly growing finance and business economy in East London, local children and young people are well positioned to secure those jobs.


Fiona is a retired teacher, who had substantial experience as an outstanding secondary school teacher and senior leader in East London. Fiona has a real passion for breaking educational barriers and overcoming disadvantage. She fervently believes that all children can succeed and thrive, with the right support. During her time working in schools, she was a pastoral leader and designated senior leader for safeguarding. Although retired, Fiona continues to lead an active life and enjoys travelling. 


Laura King

Laura was a Partner, Global Head of People and Talent at Clifford Chance, responsible for the firm’s people strategy and global human resources functions. She served on the board of trustees of the Trust for many years as Chair of the Finance, Premises, Staffing and Audit Committee and Vice Chair of the board before stepping down and becoming a member of the Trust on 1 April 2021.