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Parent Pay

What is Parent Pay?

ParentPay is the school online payment system that lets you make secure online payments by credit and debit card for school meals and activities like trips, clubs and music lessons.  You can also pay in cash at local PayPoint stores.

The school online payment system gives you a more convenient and flexible way to pay school online and helps to keep your child safe.  By making cashless payments you know that your money has reached the school safely. You can view your account statement and payment history, check when payments needs to be made and set alerts to tell you when to pay school online.

Using ParentPay – Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How do I activate my account?

Before you begin to activate your account you will need an active email address – this will be used for account verification and login purposes.

Go to

  1. Go to the Account Login box in the top right corner of the screen
  2. Add in the username and password (activation codes) provided in your account activation letter and click ‘Activate’
  3. On the next screen follow the on-screen instructions to activate your account

Your account will then be activated and you can pay your school for items listed on ParentPay.

2.  I  have more than one child to activate – can I have a single account / login?

You will be able to create a single account which you can add all your children to – even if your children attend different schools (as long as they subscribe to ParentPay).

Activate and login to the account you want to add your other children to, this will become the only account you use in future; click on the ‘Add a child’ tabon the home page

  1. Enter the username and password provided in any other activation letter (or existing username / password if already activated)
  2. Then click ‘Search’ .Your child’s name will be listed on screen – click‘Add to my account’
  3. On your homepage, you should now see an additional tab for the child you have added to the account

Repeat this process for any other children you wish to add to your account – up to a maximum of 6 children in a single account.

3.  How do I change my username or password?

If you cannot remember your existing username and / or password please follow the advice in I’ve forgotten my username and / or password’ FAQ

 If you know your existing username / password and wish to change them

 Login into ParentPay with your existing username / password

  1. Click on ‘View / edit your profile’
  2. Click ‘Edit’in the ‘Login credentials’ section

 Follow the on screen instructions and don’t forget to ‘Save’

4.  How do I select and pay for an item on ParentPay?

You can see recent items for payment, a short summary and add items to your shopping basket as soon as you have logged in, under the ‘Items due for payment’ section.

  1.  To see all payment items with more detail, click on ‘Pay for more items’
  2. If you want to see child specific items click on the tab with the name of the child
  3. Add any items by clicking ‘Add to basket’
  4. You can now add the amount you want to pay and then click ‘Add to Basket’
  5. Click ‘Checkout’– you can remove  any items you have added by mistake or edit the amounts you want to pay by clicking ‘Remove’ or ‘Edit’
  6. When ready to pay click ‘Pay securely now’
  7. Enter your credit / debit card details and click ‘Make payment’

 5.  How can I find out if my payment was successful?

If you have reached the ParentPay payment receipt page, then yes, your payment should have been successful.  If you are in any doubt:

Login into ParentPay and go to the ‘I want to…’ menu click on ‘View transaction history’ you will be able to see details of any recent payments you have made or search for older transactions.

6.  How do I check my payment history?

You can see your most recent payments as soon as you have logged in on your homepage. If you want to see payment history for specific dates 

  1.      Login to ParentPay
  2.      Click on the ‘Transaction history’tab
  3.      Select the name of the child you wish to check payments for
  4.      Select the payment item or leave as All
  5.     Add dates for the period your want to check payments
  6.     Press ‘Search’

 More FAQ’s can be viewed at:

PayPoint Stores – located nearest to Brampton Manor Academy

Store Addresses:

  • The Old Post Office, 240 Masterman Road, London, E6 3NJ (Distance: 0.28 miles)
  • Lonsdale Supermarket, 2 Lonsdale Avenue, London, E6 3JY (Distance: 0.28 miles)
  • Mini Market, 182 Masterman Road, London, E6 3NN (Distance: 0.32 miles)
  • News Corner, 60 Haldane Road, London, E6 3JJ (Distance: 0.37 miles)
  • DSK Off Licence, 5 Tollgate Road, London, E16 3LB (Distance: 0.47 miles)

For a PayPoint Store Locator near you, please logon to: