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Dr Dayo Olukoshi OBE

Physical Education

Examination Board: Edexcel

What is the aim of the course?

Students will learn:

  • that, although they can be looked at separately, body systems do not work in isolation and that good physical and mental health depends on the interaction of all these body systems during exercise and physical activity. This will inform students’ own practical performance and general wellbeing
  • about the impact of physical activity and exercise on the cardiovascular, respiratory, muscular and skeletal systems (over the short and long term), and also how lifestyle choices (such as exercise, diet, rest and drugs) affect those systems, fitness levels and the mind and body in general 
  • how a lifestyle that contributes positively to physical, mental and social wellbeing, and which includes regular exercise and physical activity in conjunction, is what makes a healthy, active lifestyle.

What will you study in this subject?

There are 2 units:

  • Unit 1: Theory of Physical Education
  • Unit 2: Performance in Physical Education

How will your work be assessed?

In addition to regular tests, homeworks and other assessments, you will need to complete these examinations/tasks in order to gain a grade in PE.

The course is assessed as follows:

  • Unit 1: Written examination of 1 hour 30 minutes duration. It accounts for 40% of the GCSE grade.
  • Unit 2: This is internally assessed and consist of controlled assessments. The marks are externally moderated. This unit accounts for 60% of the GCSE grade.

What Qualification will I get?



Core PE

PE is a compulsory part of the curriculum and as such, you will be expected to study it up to year 11.  The aims of the core PE course are:

  • To promote a healthy life style
  • To encourage students to participate in physical activities in and out of school


For additional information, please contact: Ms L. Watson