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Dr Dayo Olukoshi OBE

Religious Studies

Examination Board: AQA

What is the aim of the course?

This course will enable students to:

  • develop their interest in, and enthusiasm for, a study of religion and its relation to the wider world; 
  • develop their knowledge, skills and understanding of religion by exploring the significance and impact of beliefs, teachings, sources, practices, ways of life and forms of expressing meaning;
  • express their personal responses and informed insights on fundamental questions and issues about identity, belonging, meaning, purpose, truth, values and commitments.

What will you study in this subject?

The course is divided into TWO units.  You will study a wide range of interesting topics such as:

Year 10 - Prejudice, Animal Rights, Planet Earth, Early Life

Year 11 - Crime and Punishment, Drugs and Alcohol, Matters of Death, Wealth and Poverty

The point of all these topics is to make you understand and respect other religious values, and not only the values and beliefs of your own.

How will your work be assessed?

In addition to regular tests, homeworks and other assessments, you will need to complete these examinations/tasks in order to gain a grade in RS.

There are two written examination papers. Each paper is 1 hour 30 minutes long and accounts for 50% of the final grade.

What Qualification will I get?

  • GCSE Religious Studies


Core RE

RE is a compulsory part of the curriculum and as such, you will be expected to study it up to year 11.  The vast majority of students will study the full course GCSE RE, alongside their core RE lessons.

For additional information, please contact: Ms A. Daw