Brampton Manor Academy

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Each year group will have one general parents evening, where all subject teachers are available for appointments. In addition, specific year groups may have further events (such as exam information evenings and the like). Year 7, for example, have a tutor evening in their first term in addition to a parents evening in the spring term.

School Reports

All students receive annual written reports on their progress at school. This includes:

  • A progress report and target per subject
  • A progress report from the form tutor
  • A progress report from your child’s progress manager.

For years 7-8 and 10, the reports are sent home in July. For year 9, the subject reports are sent home in January so as to allow you to use the information during the GCSE Options process.

Academic Review Days

Academic review days are held in July. Taking into account the school report and the final student assessment grades for that academic year, along with attendance and behaviour records, they give students and parents the opportunity to discuss with the form tutor the students’ progress, to raise any potential obstacles to achievement, and to set targets for the year ahead.