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Examination Board: AQA

Why should I study this subject?

This course enables students to:

  • Recognise that their sociological knowledge, understanding and skills
  • help them to develop an understanding of the interrelationships between individuals, groups, institutions and societies.
  • Analyse critically the nature and sources of information and to base reasoned judgements and arguments on evidence.
  • Organise and communicate their knowledge and understanding in different and creative ways, and reach substantiated judgements.

What will you study in this subject?

The course is divided into two units.

Unit 1: This Unit focuses on three areas of the specification: Studying Society; Families; Education.

  • Studying Society - students should be aware that some central terms and concepts relevant to the topic areas covered by this specification, such as class or poverty, may be defined in more than one way.
  • Education - students should be aware of education as a political issue and be able, at a basic level, to explain both why education reforms have been made and criticisms of those reforms.
  • Families - students should be able to define ‘family’ and to explain the presence of diverse forms of the family in Britain today: e.g. Married / non‑married, couple / lone parent, heterosexual / gay, extended / nuclear and reconstituted.

It is assessed by a 1 hour 30 minute external examination and accounts for 50% of the grade.

Unit 2: This Unit focuses on these areas: Crime and Deviance; Mass Media; Power; Social Inequality.  In this unit, students will:

  • Study the social distribution of crime, e.g. class, age, gender, ethnicity and locality.
  • Study the mass media and its characteristics as a means of communication.  
  • Look at the role of citizens in the political process in Britain. 
  • Look at the different sociological explanations of poverty.

The unit is assessed by a 1 hour 30 minute external examination and accounts for 50% of the grade.

What qualification will I get?

  • GCSE Sociology


For additional information, please contact:  Ms R. Ali