Brampton Manor Academy

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Since our Sixth Form opened in 2012 we have been privileged to support so many amazingly talented and hard working students to achieve their dreams. As they progress on to the next stage of their journey they stay in touch with us – we have a very active alumni network who very generously give their time to support the next generation of Brampton students, be it in preparing for university interviews or helping them into graduate employment. They are fantastic ambassadors for the school who will no doubt achieve great success in the future.


Asif Islam - Achieved A*A*A* - Studying: Politics, Philosophy & Economics, London School of Economics

“I am incredibly grateful to the Brampton Manor staff who encouraged me to extend my knowledge beyond what is required at A level. This instilled in me a great sense of academic ambition and confidence, making me believe that any challenge is possible to overcome, if I put my mind to it. I certainly believe that this attitude will stay with me for the rest of my life.”

Abdul Aziz - Achieved A*A*A* - Studying: Physics, Imperial College London

"Brampton Manor provided me with amazing teachers and resources. This meant I was able to start at university with a clear career plan, backed up with amazing academic success which was far beyond my dreams."

Garat Chandigere - Achieved A*A*A - Studying: Geography, University of Cambridge

“The support provided at Brampton enabled me to reach my full potential. Moreover, the encouragement I received ensured I had the mindset that my goals were always attainable. The Sixth Form environment has been a great motivator to me, and I am sure it will go on to inspire many others.”

Jade Springer - Achieved A*A*A* - Studying: Architecture, University of Sheffield

“I am extremely grateful for the support I received at Brampton Manor Sixth Form that led to my academic success. I had brilliant guidance from all of my teachers as they truly want you to be the best you can be. I found it most rewarding to have been given the opportunity to study in an environment amongst so many other ambitious and hardworking students and staff.”

Inheritance Odili - Achieved A*A*A - Studying: Mathematics, University of Warwick

“Brampton Manor Sixth Form truly taught me the values of discipline and determination. There was an amazing culture of hard work amongst the students that allowed me to push myself far beyond my initial expectations.”

Tolu Afelumo - Achieved A*AA - Studying: Medicine, King’s College London

“The level of support that I received at Brampton from the teachers and the University Access Team can’t be compared. If I had gone to another Sixth Form, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Mary-Grace Oludoyi - Achieved A*A*A - Studying: Law, London School of Economics

“Brampton Manor pushed me to reach my potential and opened up my mind to the endless opportunities I had access to, regardless of my background. There is also a lot of support available in the Sixth Form, from careers to your own personal development.”

Tracy Agidi - Achieved A*A*A* - Studying: English Literature, University of Cambridge

“Brampton Manor is truly an environment in which teacher-student dynamics are prioritised, enabling students to get the support they need as well as a stellar education. The rapport I built with my teachers paved the route to my success and I am so incredibly grateful for this.”

Vlad Bragoi - Achieved A*AA - Studying: Civil & Architectural Engineering, University of Bath

"Without Brampton I definitely wouldn’t be in the position I am today. Their outstanding learning environment where everyone was pushing themselves made me work harder than ever before, and their unmatched guidance throughout the university application process made me that much more confident!"

Shaan Ramnah - Achieved A*A*A* - Studying: Neuroscience, University College London

“Being in the Brampton Manor environment helped me to not only grow academically, but also to grow as a person. Being around like-minded individuals helped to raise my aspirations, and the teaching provided me with the tools to reach my life goals.”

Hajialily Nadir - Achieved A*AA - Studying: Religion, Philosophy & Ethics, King’s College London

“Brampton Manor Sixth Form has provided me with endless opportunities and constant support, the skills and work-ethic that I acquired will follow me throughout my life. I am thankful for my time there.”

Vitoria Mario - Achieved A*A*A - Studying: Mathematics, University of Warwick

My time at Brampton was life-changing as I was able to experience consistently good teaching, which was different from my previous school. There is an environment of success in the Sixth Form, fostered by both the students and teachers, which pushed me to always achieve my best and now study what I enjoy at a top university.”

Isha Hussain - Achieved A*AA - Studying: Sociology, London School of Economics

“I am truly thankful for the experience I had at Brampton. The amount of support and guidance I received has definitely played a huge part in my academic success and will always stick with me. I will forever be grateful for all the help I received at Brampton!”

Lilien Gyabaah - Achieved A*A*A* - Studying: English Literature, University of Cambridge

“Brampton Manor provided the perfect academic environment for me to do well. I was encouraged by my teachers and my peers, and was made to feel as though I was capable of achieving my dreams.”

Jaden Bagayan - Achieved A*A*A - Studying: Mathematics, University of Birmingham

"With the continuous support from the teachers, I was really able to excel and push boundaries every day at Brampton Manor Sixth Form. They give students the chance to understand their own potential, and help them find a path to a bright academic future."

Essa Essay - Achieved A*A*A* - Studying: Computing, Imperial College London

“Brampton Manor really pushed me beyond my limits to aim higher than I ever thought I could achieve. Not only does the Sixth Form offer excellent teaching, facilities and support, but it also has a wonderful community amongst the students, which I will always remember from my time there.”

Tahsin Ahmed - Achieved A*A*A* - Studying: Sociology, London School of Economics

“Brampton Manor will always hold a very special place in my heart. I am beyond grateful for all of the teachers that consistently supported me.”

David Emoot - Achieved A*A*A* - Studying: Mathematics & Computer Science, Imperial College London

“Brampton enabled me to reach the very peak of my academic potential by surrounding me with like-minded and hard-working students. I was also taught by excellent and credible teachers, and was provided with personalised and well-informed support with my university application. The experience, support and connections I made have been invaluable.”

Tunde Taiwo - Achieved A*A*A* - Studying: Mathematics, University of Warwick

“Studying at Brampton Manor taught me there is nothing I cannot achieve if I am willing to work hard for it. My teachers provided constant support and my fellow students were always there to challenge and encourage me.”

Christabel Sarfo - Achieved A*A*A - Studying: Sociology, University of Warwick

“I am incredibly thankful for the knowledge and support Brampton offered me, ensuring I lived up to my maximum potential. The environment allowed me to thrive, resulting in my phenomenal A-Levels results which are the product of hard work and determination.”

Amnah Bibi - Achieved A*AA - Studying: Law, Queen Mary University

"I am truly blessed and proud to call myself a Brampton alumnus. The support I received in my academic studies, sending off my university application and providing work experience opportunities, was impeccable. The teachers provide the highest quality teaching and are genuinely passionate about seeing the students grow and maximise their potential.”

Hope Oloye - Achieved: A*A*A - Studying: Biological Sciences, University of Oxford

"Without the teachers at Brampton I wouldn't have even applied to Oxford, they gave me both the support and confidence I needed to do the course of my dreams!"

Jasmeet Kundi - Achieved: A*AA - Studying: Medicine, University of Southampton

"I definitely wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for Brampton always encouraging me to dream big! I can guarantee no other sixth form supports their students to the extent that Brampton does, hence why coming to Brampton remains one of the best decisions of my life."

Nilufa Ahmed - Achieved: A*A*A* - Studying: Geography, University of Cambridge

"I am immensely grateful for all the help and support Brampton has given me. The teachers here are so hard working, approachable and genuinely care for your future. They are always there to offer guidance both academic and non-academic and truly want the best for every pupil."